Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Such was the way, Confuseus wotted, "soft ass was usually covered by harsh mouth."


The Farmer in the Dell,

Kieler of the Harris.

Don said, "I aver also."

Memphis Minnie

and Murfeesboro Jimmy Jam.

"White Ass Power" they were shouting,

and I was just turning away in the corner,

it was so vulgar, but then I was just there

hoping someone would show a titty or something.

They called me Milky after all.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Pooh Bear: A 100 acres to Midnight.



They said there some nice sights to see at Reims.

Meanwhile, I was in the midst of the verbage work, polyglotis and all, "prolixity", a word that should be a word but isn't I don't think, for proclivity, a certain wordy kind of talking over the fray, not a chewing but maybe a spitting.  It's like making a volcano formation in a steaming beef roast, absorbing delicious something like au jous, but then spitting it back in after absorbing the sodium.

Writing as it were, the story of my thoughts, or my thoughts as pertinent to the story, which isn't much, but may be doubled and redoubled under extreme magnification.

Mental knitting and weekend of loafing. "Into our lives, a litte rain..."

It's like, I was stuck in a music video, George Harrison's What Is Life, as I started the weekend on a somewhat dubious note, at an ...