Saturday, March 25, 2023

Cars made for the inhuman race.

Inline-6 239 c.i. engine with dual Carters, twin-stage intake plenum and self-adjusting valves

vinyl and deluxe stitching in interior

120 mph speedometer

"don't sit there touching it" dashboard surfaces

HEI module optional, attached securely underhood

twin stick Overdrive In Effect

deluxe 15-inch styled alloy rims

theft-resistant "out of sight, out of mind" nighttime illumination system

special aerodynamic design

2 cup holders for your choice of any two drinks


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Loathsome Duff: The Outlaw Years. Episode 301: Co-diner in good ole Caroliner. Del Sud.


I was watching Loathesome Duff: The Outlaw years, and I noticed, my dinner companion had partially fallen asleep, at which perchance, I endeavored at crossing the carpet and biting that one, the other, with my teeth.

My companion was just sort of passed-out, in sort of half-conscious stupor, much like a pig in a pan, that sort of mouth-open, eyes showing a milky something, and me egressing like a gentle wind, too gentle, or gentle enough in the balance, considering the utter violence of putting toof marks like a teething toddler.

Of which I was, in part, and my dining companion, "co-diner".

"You are MKL, but I am MKLer."

If not the Mustang, and that's a dubious "if", then perhaps the Hellcat Widebody.

A bit of Alcantara, a splash of Mercedes DNA, and just a bit of reusability, for the economically ecological set, not purchasing throw-away cars.

These are not just transportation, but legacy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

"records are made to be broken"*

Exigent Google Searches and so forth, offices, artificial intelligence, the super master program, and the guiding hand, "how do I get more Instagram followers?"

Carlo Roberts Tierney, crystal balls, Mothman balls, and other such, and a Japanese holding for the concourse, giving a kind of Transcendental kind of speech, and that in a second language, "records are made to be broken", and I was listening to one after conversion, broke-up and even shotgunned a few Earth Wind And Fire and Average White Band LP's.

Mental knitting and weekend of loafing. "Into our lives, a litte rain..."

It's like, I was stuck in a music video, George Harrison's What Is Life, as I started the weekend on a somewhat dubious note, at an ...