Tuesday, August 18, 2020

terri's isaiah method of getting productive. the poo pile after both the cart and the horse.

 Terri Savelle Foy of Terri.com was on the tube talking over goals, and it was becoming plain to me that I was not focusing for one thing, and not really sticking to my goals.  I tend to try big goals, but like others I will get discouraged easily and then abandon the whole thing, leaving behind chaos.  Things weren't coming together.  So clearly, I had some redefining to do.

She was asking plainly: Where do you see yourself in a year?

Now, surely you can't expect to conquer the world in a year, young Alexander, but you can have climbed the hill anticipating to plant your flag at any moment.

I've agonized and daydreamed, and agonized about the daydreams, thinking what was the minimum that I needed for happiness.  And it comes clear that I don't need a lot of wealth to achieve happiness.  Indeed, wealth can be an unwelcome burden.  I even betray my old truck, thinking I would replace it, then no I would keep it, then no I would park it behind the house.

Of course, there is a sort of minimum basic income needed to maintain a lifestyle: that much is required.  And there should be a budget for some extra things, but say, of cars and televisions and cell phones?  Can we live with something that isn't completely top-of-the-line?  The "latest, greatest"?  Can we do a 55-inch television rather than 98 inches?  Can we do a good, clean used car instead of a shiny new vehicle?  Can we use a phone that doesn't quite have all of the latest features?

Will your goal be modest or wild?  Well, it can easily be wild, because it can be whatever you want to be: that's the luxury of dreams, that dreams are private and cost nothing to make.

You can dream anything you want, Cheever.

So Terri came up with this thing about "calling your shot" like Babe Ruth pointing to the upper deck, where you say what you want for later, as if declaring where you are going to be, as if commanding it of all reality.  I wouldn't criticize Terri, but rather tailor her teachings more for a more modest life, where I don't feel I need a whole plethora of changes, but maybe a few adjustments here and there.  My dreams are not so grand, in the final analysis, so I don't feel I have to do any earth shaking effort to re-jigger myself for success.

Terri used, as pictured above, Isaiah 46:10, which is the words of God, and remembering that we are God-breathed little urchin offspring of the most High, we have a shade of him in us.  We have a spark-piece of that sun-drenched radiant glory that is God, Himself.  So, I think she is arguing, do each of us not have a piece of that authority, with us being able to literally command before all nature, before all reality, our future intentions?

Anyway.  It comes to me that I need to re-jigger myself.  More on that later.  

In the meantime, declare those goals.  Bend your arms.

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