Sunday, November 19, 2023

Mastication, rejuvenation, and other conditions of the life abundant and flowing.

Up 630 am, podcasts, and Pepsi, the remainder of yesterday’s 2 ltr.

We were talking about eternity, and not this month’s Netflix payment, something that stretches further than a few dollars this month, or a fleeting worry of something that comes and goes.  Something that transcends, as it were, reaches beyond and then onwards towards infinity.

Of the infinite, the Aluminum 1974 penny, and a kind of oddity of modernity, like lottery tickets, luck and fortune, turning waste materials, or worthless materials, into a fortune.  The oddity of taking circulated pocket change and scouring it for valuable coins.

So we’ve coursed from infinity to the very finite, one cents in the interim, and are none the better, though we’re now looking towards the horizon, toward something afar off, as we are “surrounded by a cloud of witnesses”, then taken up the very limited little sum of one cent.

How are we any better off?  How is the offing of such random thoughts made us the better, when we’re bound to strip away all the nuisance, the nuance, and the very John Kerry of it, to find underneath something like pure joy–who would have even suspected, had I not just dropped the message here?

After it all, calling it supplies, rejuvenated, and randomly bouncing around like popcorn kernels in the kettle, we are of course, a curiosity, something more intern that eternal, itinerant, journeyman scholars of the world around us.

Why of the other, 1974, in a race to let inflation run out of control, the government had those aluminum pennies punched up and punched in, letting the cost of money, the value of money, and the prestige of money, dwindle towards zero, the very semiotic of zero, that what was nothing to them, would become nothing to us, more of that Fog of Similitude.  Panty liners, the little ones, or the bigger 1200 horsepower and up sizes, used as shop towels, something lacy around the tailfins and the refill slot, and meanwhile, so many chromed dual exhausts on the Gram and so forth, and society up-ended, cats napping with dogs, and the lion walking over to the lamb, and all.

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