Sunday, November 19, 2023

Mastication, rejuvenation: pt 2.

Water and decaffeinated coffee for a while, this sojourner, journeyman.  Then a square of peanut butter fudge for breakfast.

Like Jeremiah, I had the remnant at lunch: cold grits, a yellow urine trail of butter atop it.


Then three cups of Pepsi.  8 oz cups of Pepsi.

Then two chicken legs.

That was, a day, in the shadow of Nebuchednezzar, in the shadow of more luxurious fare, to eat somewhat simple, or at least minimal, with the grenade of the fudge tossed in, some better than 200 calories in a mouthful.

"In ten days, compare me and Shadrach and Abednego to your concubine boys and then see who has fared better, either us with our millet, or your concubines."

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